The winter season is coming near, and you recall the last one. Feeling prepared you went into your home, almost mocking the weather that it was going to be okay. All by yourself, you tuck into your bed and wait a good nights sleep. Come morning, you cannot feel your toes, as they had frozen overnight. A year has passed, and you decide to better the situation by investing in proper home insulation. You search, decide and act on the matter. Keeping in mind calling the pros for any doubts. For more information visit Eco Cellulose Insulation.

Here´s how you can insulate your home.

  • Protect your Doors – Always keep in mind doorways that open to the outside. Gaps are often situated at the bottom of the doors. The way to treat this seemingly unharmful gap is by getting your hands on some draft excluders. As fancy as it may seem, it consists of a tube of insulation that one installs at the bottom of the door, allowing the warm air to stay inside the house and cold air on the outside. These tubes can be found in many hardware stores and many variations from size, shape, color. And for the project loving family out there, you can even make them yourself.
  • Secure around windows – You think closing your windows will be enough. Unfortunately, they are not airtight. And it is always a constant enemy. When your windows are first installed, they are secured to the frame as a means of insulation. Over the time, the seal begins to wear down, until gaps are formed, making them perfect warm air escape routes. If theses holes are at all present in your window frame, then it´s time take out the caulk gun and begin sealing. Making sealing those gaps, a non-time consuming job.
  • Insulate window panes – If you thought it was enough only to seal those little holes in your window frame, then you are mistaken. As surprising as it may seem, window panes are not as that barrier we think them to be. Sadly, window panes also wear out, if one becomes old, worn-worn down, it may as well be letting all the warmth escape. To prevent this from occurring again, all you need to do is grab some insulation film and begin wrapping your window pane around. If in a pinch, you can get away by utilizing some bubble wrap instead.
  • Wrapping your hot water tank – Properly sealing your water tank can even help you save energy (also money) in those winter season days. This only applies to homeowners with a reservoir matching this style, as newer homes come without a hot water tank. If you happen to have one for many years now, then chances of it the insulation being worn-out are pretty high. All you have to do is purchase an insulation blanket for the many hardware stores around, show your tank some love (hug it). Now, your tank is insulated with no effort what so ever, making the easiest way start your house insulation process.